Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Are my kids AMAZING or what???

Being a Mom is my most awesome priveledge and responsibility. No matter how long I've been a Mom it still amazes me that God entrusted me with these fantastic creatures to raise. In some ways being a single Mom makes things more difficult however it has also enabled me to make the kids my first priority. We have such close relationships and I am enjoying this journey I am on with them. I'm not saying it's perfect all the time but what it? :0)

So this blog is just to brag on some of their recent accomplishments. In an earlier post I talked about Tyson getting a form saying his grades qualified him for the National Honors Society. He filled out the rest of the information and he was accepted and we recently attended his induction ceremony.

Before the ceremony.
Being "pinned"
Tyson and his girls! We are so proud!!!
I love that Kiley looks up to Tyson and he is setting such a good example for her! Another reason I am so proud of this accomplishment is because I really really wanted to be in NHS in highschool. I never quite got my act together or got my grades high enough. I love it when my kids do something I wasn't able to!
Kiley Anne love, love, loves to dance. She works so hard at drill team in school and also takes ballet and a drill team class at a local dance studio one evening a week. Last week I was dropping her off for dance and there was a sign on the door that said "Parent Night" I wanted to cry! I had just gotten home from work in enough time to throw on sweats and a tshirt, shove some food down the kids throats and head to dance class. One look at her face and I knew there was no way I could miss Parent Night! So I parked the car and headed in without a bra on  with a smile on my face. I am so glad I did! It was wonderful watching her do something she enjoys so much. Here are a few of the tons of pictures I snapped that night!
My beautiful ballerina.
I want Kiley's legs when I grow up!!!!
Thanks for letting me brag about my babies!!!! I'm catching up on the blog this week so talk to ya soon!


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