Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday FAIL!

I'm not going to sugar coat it. I blew it big time this week.

Thank you, Dr. Phil. It's' true!!! I stepped on the scale this morning and I was right back to 224. Everything I had lost right back on! Let me tell you why.
It started very innocently with a work luncheon last Thursday. I picked out all the bread and just ate the sandwich innards. Had the fruit and stayed away from the dessert. I couldn't decide how to log it so the reasonable thing to do was go eat Mexican food for dinner. WAIT!!! WHAT THE CRAP???? Then I had to put on a luncheon at work on Friday. Right before lunch this very rude women was very well rude and so I decided to punish her by eating all the bad stuff at the luncheon. WAIT!!! WHAT THE CRAP AGAIN???? I was so mad at myself after lunch that I decided to skip dinner. So guess what? I woke up STARVING! My darling niece requested donuts for breakfast Saturday morning and Aunt Sarah aims to please. I ate a few million donuts because thats what good Aunts do! We spent the day at Kiley's dance recital and I ate nachos from the concession stand.
Is she not the cutest???

That night was Tyson cross country banquet and by this point I was so out of control that I ate everything that wasn't nailed down!!!! It was a very long night and the last three hours were spent watching the teenagers dance. I LOVE TO DANCE! I was given strict warnings not to step foot on the dance floor. Doesn't Tyson know nobody puts baby in the corner!!!!!! My table was right in front of the candy bar so needless to say, we became well aquainted.
Cross Country Rookie of the Year!!!
I ended the week on Sunday with a chili lunch at Mom's and a fajita dinner at church. It was a bad bad bad food week!
All I can do is put my big very friggin big girl panties on and get back to it. I don't want to be this weight. I am physically miserable! I was at an all day work thing on Thursday and I truly could not sit comfortably. It was hard to cross my legs. I know what to do, I know what to do, I know what to do. I just have to do it.
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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday

So yesterday I was getting ready for work and I felt SOOOOO happy. I had a serious spring in my step. I was trying to figure out what the heck I was so happy about. Did something happen the day before I couldn't remember? Was there something great on the agenda for the day? Then it hit me!!!! I didn't feel sick, I actually had energy! Farewell flu, you dirty whore!!!!

Eating went good this week. I stayed under my calories every day. I weighed in this morning and.......
Minus .8 pounds baby! Normally that would totally bum me out but I am choosing to be happy with it! I am going in the right direction and I'm not gonna stop until I get to my goal. (who is this positive person????)  So I'm down a total of 3.4 since the first of the year!
I have discovered the yummiest breakfast EVER!!!! It's the low fat eggo waffles with cinnamon laughing cow cream cheese spread and a banana cut up between the two waffles. It's 238 calories.

I had to hold the plate up high so you couldn't see all the clothes on my bedroom floor oh and check out the banana on my thumb. Classy!
Last night for dinner I made this quick and easy number. It is chicken breast strips, red and green pepper, mushroom, and onions. I cooked some whole wheat elbow macaroni and poured marinara over it. 337 Calories for the this fabu dinner!


So this week I'm going to continue counting my calories with the lose it app. Now that I'm feeling back to normal I am going to get back on the treadmill and tackle the stairs again. The other thing I am going to work on is drinking my 100 oz of water. I am currently drinking about half of that right now.
Somebody posted this smoking hot chick's picture in MLFC and I had to copy it. I think she looks awesome and this is a great motivation picture for me. I would LOVE to have her figure!!!

Speaking of being creepy and copying pictures of people I don't know off facebook I took a screen shot of a conversation from fit club because I am in love with Toni's bangs. (I don't know Toni but if you do tell her not to sue me for being a stalker!!!!) Anyway, I'm going to have my fabulous sister in law/hair stylist hook me up with some bangs!

Aren't they sooo cute!!???
Alright, that's all I've got for now!!! Check out my fellow Wednesday weigh-inners!!!! 


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday

I've got the flu and let me tell you something it sucks! Big time! I have so much going on at work and do not have time to be sick! Apparently the flu doesn't care!

On a happier note I weighed myself this morning for the MLFC Biggest Loser competition and weigh in Wed and............................
Down 2.6! I'll take it! I'm so excited and I am so committed to keep moving in this direction! I have been tracking my calories on the lose it app staying between 1400-1500. I was staying on track with my 30 minute treadmill and stair routine until this crappin flu came along. Just another reason I am irritated!!!!!

The stairs and I! We have a love hate relationship!
I'm gonna close with a few pictures of my meals from this week that I remembered to take before I got sick and went into survival mode. Thanks for sharing my journey with me and don't forget to check out the other bloggers who are participating in Weigh-In Wednesday!

Salad with eggs, cucumber, grilled chicken, tomatoes, tiny bit of cheese and ff zesty Italian dressing.
Tostada! 511 calories for two! So good!
Goat cheese, grilled chicken, cucumber, strawberries, slivered almonds and raspberry vinaigrette dressing!
Asian stir fry with brown rice!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday!

Ok kiddies, I'm trying something new. I've never participated in a link up before so I hope I do it right! I have found this wonderful support group on facebook and it has led me to some really great blogs that I LOVE reading. When I'm thinking, reading and talking about fitness, weighloss and nutrition it helps SO much! I am excited about being held accountable each Wednesday.

I weighed in this morning and let me tell ya it wasn't pretty! 224 lbs. What? 224 lbs. Yes, there I said it. This is my highest non pregnant weight EVER!!!! It's actually 29 lbs higher than when I gave birth to Kiley. I've been close to this weight before 3 times and lost it the following ways: weight watchers, diet pills and cigarettes (hey we're being honest here right?), and last but not least lap band. After the craptastic band came out I have watched it creep up for the past three years! And in the past 6 months just straight the heck up no creeping involved!!!! I'm done. I know I've said it before. In this blog actually but I am not giving up!

I mentioned in my New Years post my weight loss goals for January so check those out if you're curious about the plan. Oh and speaking of plan that seems to be one of my keys to success so tonight I made two fabulous salads for lunch for the rest of this week. Go me! Tomorrow is payday so I will be meal planning for the next two weeks before I go grocery shopping!  I had Tyson take a before picture of me Monday. Can I tell you how tired they are of taking before pictures? I'm not prepared to post it at this point because it is HEINOUS!!!! Here's one more clothed though:
Such a shame that I have a picture with this precious new nephew and all I can think when looking at it is how FAT I am!
This is me Thanksgiving 2009 somewhere between 155-160. That is my goal!

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Happy New Year!!!!

I mean it, dangit!!!! And the only person that can do that is me! The things I want to change are totally and completely 100% within my control and ya know what I think that is a great thing!

I have always been an all or nothing person. ESPECIALLY about my weight. One of the things I'm doing different this year is to set small attainable goals. I set really big ones usually and get frustrated and give up. I've GOT to lose this weight. Wether it takes 6 months or 2 years (Please Lord Don't Let It Take Two Years!!!!) So, I'm going to set three types of goals each month. Weight loss, finacial, and personal.

Weight loss goals for January: These goals were actually set for me buy my doctor as part of a program I am in at work. If I ever figure out how to link back to a previous post I will enter that here because I have talked about it in detail already. Normally she sets goals for me and I add a ton of extra goals to those and I end up failing miserably so this month I am actually going to listen to her.

1. Write down what I eat everyday (I'm going to use the lose it app)
2. Walk 30 minutes everyday
3. Walk the five flights of stairs at work 3 times each day I'm at work.
4. Lose three pounds
5. Meet with doctor again in a month instead of every three months like I normally do.

Financial goals for January: My finances are a dang mess. Awful. Terrible. For the first time in my life as a single Mom I make enough money to pay all my bills with one job and I am screwing it up! UGH! I want to be in a much better position by this time next year but it is really going to take some work on my part.

1. Don't buy lunch at work at all for the month of January.

This may not sound like a lot but I currently buy my lunch about 3 times a week and it typically costs 6 dollars a meal. That's 18 dollars a week and 72 dollars a month AND 864 dollars a year!!!! Did I mention the diet cokes and oatmeal I sometimes buy for breakfast? No? Oh well add that too!!!

Personal goal for January:

1. Blog at least twice a week. I like blogging! It keeps me accountable so I want to do it regularly.

So here is to a GREAT 2013!!!!!
I LOVE THIS!!! (Even though it's already the 2nd)
In case you are wondering what goes on in my house while I'm blogging let me just give you a sneak peek!
Tyson serenading us with Boys to Men at the TOP of his lungs using the remote for a microphone.
(Ignore the mountain of laundry in the background)

Kiley reading OUTLOUD random interesting facts off the internet!!!

Merry Christmas!

Sooooooooooooo, I know it's more than a week past Christmas but I thought I'd share anyway! We had a great great great Chrismas! This year the kids were supposed to be with their Dad but in some uncharacteristic display of kindess he let me pick them up at 2:00 on Christmas Day!!!! That alone was present enough for me!

I love talking to people about their family traditions and what they do on holidays. I think its fun to hear how people celebrate. In our family we attend church on Christmas Eve and then go to my Mom's to eat finger foods, drink alcohol, and open our presents from each other. Then we go home, go to bed and when we wake up the kids open their presents from Santa. I have gotten selfish in recent years and instead of taking the kids presents from me to my Mom's to open we do that at home before we go there so I can get their reactions all to myself!!!!

Here are some pics from Christmas Eve:
Check out all the loot!

Dean dressed up like Santa for Brody's first Christmas.

When Rylea opened her easy bake oven she said "All my dreams are coming true!"
She's the best present opener ever!!!!
I picked up the kids at two on Christmas Day and we headed to Mom's. We had a great dinner and exchanged presents with them.
I love these kids! And this picture :0)

The whole family even the dogs!
After a great time at Mom's we headed home and the kids opened up their presents from me. MAROON 5 tickets!!!! They were so excited! Then they opened their presents from Santa. We follow a strict rule in this family. As long as you still believe in Santa, Santa still comes!
In their Christmas pj's from Grandma!
Tyson's 44lb kettle bell. Part of his equipment for the crossfit gym he's setting up in the garage. AKA "Crossfit the Dirty South"

My sweet classy daughter's first words after seeing her iPad where "I think I'm gonna crap my pants!"

Tristin's big gift was a laptop for college! She was so excited she actually dance around!
The kids got me Just Dance 4 for the wii, three books and a mani/pedi gift card!!! The day after Christmas Dean came over to help Tyson put my favorite Christmas gift together!!!
And yes this picture was totally posed but they didn't want their faces in the pictures!!!!