Monday, April 1, 2013


We had such a nice Easter! I love spending time with my family. On Saturday night we went over to Mom's to color Easter eggs. It doesn't matter that my kids are teenagers they still love coloring Easter eggs! It is so much fun to have my niece Rylea to share the fun too. The only bad part is that my Mom hurt her back and she loves coloring Easter eggs more than any of us! I hate to see her in pain. She still managed to decorate a few anyway.

SIL Melody, Kiley and Tyson creating masterpieces!

Tristin and Rylea!

My brother Nick and Mom.
Nick is such a goober. He, of course, had his video camera out and he had to video every egg he made and tell the camera what each sticker was and why he put it on there. We were all cracking up and he was like WHAT???
While the rest of the family was eating dinner that Dean had made in the deep fryer I went for a walk (I ate before I came) around Mom's neighborhood. It was 2.4 miles and it really felt great!
The kids liked their Easter baskets. I said to Tyson "did the Easter Bunny come?' He said "yes" I said "what did he bring you" His response "I don't know Mom do you mean today or when I was 7 and you talked to me in that voice" Nice right????
Teenage Easter baskets: Gum, Candy and Money.
Of course, Tyson's was protien bars not candy!
Church services was wonderful! I really really love our church and every week is awesome! We headed to Mom's after church and I brought the veggie tray. I had red and green pepers, carrots, celery and cucumbers. I made ranch dip with Greek yogurt but also brought regular ranch just in case. The yogurt ranch was definitely the more popular one. I ate lunch at the regular lunch time and at 3 when we had Easter dinner I just had veggies for a snack. I ate a regular dinner at dinner time. It's just best for me to stick to the program because the last thing I need is to start off on some kind of crazy binge. After dinner and a nap Tyson and I walked 4.6 miles. It kicked my butt! I'm so gald we have nice warm weather for walks. I even took my nap out on Mom's back porch!!!
My beautiful babies at church.
Tristin wanted to hunt eggs but thought it would look better if she held Brody!

Rylea found the first egg!

Kiley Anne got one!
Poor Mommy!
 Still feeling terrible but putting on a brave face for the kids! 

My after dinner outside nap! Yes, I really was asleep.
I can sleep ANYWHERE!
I would like to go on record as saying this is the first Easter that I did not eat one piece of candy!!! We even had a bake sale at work and I had none, zero, zilch, nada! I didn't make a big deal about it and I wasn't even remotely miserable, I just didn't do it. Yay me!


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