Monday, March 26, 2012

Old Maid of Dishonor

Two questions?

1. Why does it take so much stinking longer to lose weight than it does to gain it?

2. Why when I'm in my sexual peak do I not have anybody to have sex with!!!!??? Please God bring my husband soon!

Enough of that!

Did my couch to 5k today. Outside! I also took my measurements but had a little bit of trouble with waist and hips cuz I could barely find them!!!

Waist: 37
L arm: 13
R arm: 13
L thigh: 30
R thigh: 29
Hips: 44

So below is a picture of the dress I am supposed to wear in my brothers wedding. I absolutely refuse to buy a smaller size! I have until June 23rd and I will do this!!!!!! I thought it would be another way to measure my progress :0)

And here's another beauty just for your viewing pleasure ;0)

Oh last thing! I saw this shirt on pinterest and I'm totally getting it to reward myself for finishing the four weeks of boot camp when I do in fact finish the four weeks of boot camp!

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