Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Last Week

Last week was pretty exciting! I didn't blog but I thought about it a lot does that count?

 I started out the week at 207 and had to get down to 204 by Thursday to meet my weight loss goal for the quarter. REWIND! I am part of a pilot program at work for people who need to make health changes. I quailfy because of my BMI. It is a one year program and my insurance premiums are being paid by my company as long as I stay in the program and meet my 3 goals each quarter. I also recieve 250 dollars for reaching the quarterly goals. At first I was SUPER embarresed to be a part of the program  but I've decided to take advantage of it and enjoy the rewards! Sooooo.... I had already met my 5 lb weight loss goal but fell off the wagon and gained it back! The pressure was on!

 I played close attention to what I was eating. I started off the week by making salads to take to lunch each day. I am one of those weirdos that can eat the same thing over and over!

This salad has romaine lettuce, baby spinach, grilled chicken, red bell peppers, strawberries, goat cheese crumbles and slivered almonds! YUMMY!!!!

The dressing that I use is from Walden Farms. I love the rasberry it's calorie and fat free but definitely not taste free!

I bought healthy snacks including grapes, string cheese, almonds and hard boiled eggs.

I really think the key to me eating well is preparation!!!! Making a plan and sticking to it!!! I love a plan!!!!

As far as excercise I did couch to 5k three times. I have given up on boot camp. It's just not something I can fit in to my daily schedule and I'm trying to be realistic!

Soooo.......Weigh in day and I was 203.5!!!! I met my goal for the quarter, I get to continue with the program, and I got to drop some more marbles in the loss jar!!!!! Woohoo!


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