Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sssshhhhhh! Do you hear that?

It's the sound of my biological clock ticking!!!! I mean seriously what the heck!?!? Every time I see a pregnant woman or a baby my uterus contracts. I have a few theories about my hormonal overdrive. One is that I'm getting older. (Happy Birthday to me today) I am realizing the likelihood of having another baby is pretty slim! My second theory is that my babies are growing up! In my head they should still look like this:

But I blinked and now they are 17, 15 and 12!!!
After Kiley's dance recital, May 2012.
And lastly, it seems as if EVERYBODY is pregnant! Including my two sister-in-laws.

Megan on the left is married to my youngest brother Ryan and they are due with baby Charlie in April. We are hoping to find out whether Charlie is a boy or girl on Friday. Melody on the right is married to my brother Nick and they are excpecting Brody Charles in late November. When Melody joined our family she brought along the cutest smartest niece I could have ever asked for!!!

Rylea on her first day of kindergarden.
We are soooo excited to be having babies in the family. Brody will be the second Grandson in our family and it has been 15 years since the first one, my Tyson, was born. Mom, Megan and I threw a baby shower for Melody and it turned out really nice.
One of my favorite things were the invitations. We ordered them from and they turned out even better than we could have expected!
We had the shower on the porch of a cute little cupcake shop. It rained right up until an hour before the shower!!! We were so worried but the weather turned out perfect.
Hello in there little Brody!
Megan was in charge of decorations. She spray painted these mason jars and filled them with fresh flowers and put burlap runners on the tables. The cupcake shop provided the food and drinks. We had fruit and cheese kabobs, veggie tray, and OF COURSE cupcakes!
This was my cupcake. Strawberry! Yummy!
I was in charge of games. We played a trivia game that asked questions about pregnancy and babies from all over the world. When a guest answered the question right they got a piece of candy. At the end the person with the most candy got the prize. The other game cracked me up! I took close up pictures of Nick and Melody's faces. I then blew them up to 8x10's and cut them in to five equal strips and put them in bags. Each bag had a Nick face and a Melody face. While the guests were sitting at tables they could put the faces together to guess what baby Brody is going to look like.
These were my practice faces.

Another really neat touch that was my Mom idea was the guest sign in. Instead of a book we had each person write a note for Brody on a baseball. We filled up a jar with the baseballs to go in his room.
Guests signing the baseballs.

The finished product!

It was a great day and I can't wait for Megan's shower and for these babies to get here! I will close with a few more pictures from the shower including some of my favorite gifts. 
The ladies of the family, Megan, Mom, Melody, Me, and my girlies!
Kiley on the way home. This was exactly what I felt like!




  1. loved reading about your family and the new bundles coming your way!! what gorgeous kids you have too!! xx

  2. Ooohh yes! I feel ya on that darn clock ticking! My son is 18 and I have been wanting another one ever since I met my hubby (my son is from a previous relationship). But we are just not in the best situation to have one and I am 36. So time is running out and things aren't getting better.

    Anyway, that shower looks like it was so sweet! I love all things baby!

  3. Love the mix up the face game! I can't believe you have kids that age. You would never guess by your picture. BTW, You've been nominated:

  4. I love your blog...I have nominated you for an award:

    its a great way for us bloggers to get to know each other and grow our circles!