Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Sooooooooooooo, I know it's more than a week past Christmas but I thought I'd share anyway! We had a great great great Chrismas! This year the kids were supposed to be with their Dad but in some uncharacteristic display of kindess he let me pick them up at 2:00 on Christmas Day!!!! That alone was present enough for me!

I love talking to people about their family traditions and what they do on holidays. I think its fun to hear how people celebrate. In our family we attend church on Christmas Eve and then go to my Mom's to eat finger foods, drink alcohol, and open our presents from each other. Then we go home, go to bed and when we wake up the kids open their presents from Santa. I have gotten selfish in recent years and instead of taking the kids presents from me to my Mom's to open we do that at home before we go there so I can get their reactions all to myself!!!!

Here are some pics from Christmas Eve:
Check out all the loot!

Dean dressed up like Santa for Brody's first Christmas.

When Rylea opened her easy bake oven she said "All my dreams are coming true!"
She's the best present opener ever!!!!
I picked up the kids at two on Christmas Day and we headed to Mom's. We had a great dinner and exchanged presents with them.
I love these kids! And this picture :0)

The whole family even the dogs!
After a great time at Mom's we headed home and the kids opened up their presents from me. MAROON 5 tickets!!!! They were so excited! Then they opened their presents from Santa. We follow a strict rule in this family. As long as you still believe in Santa, Santa still comes!
In their Christmas pj's from Grandma!
Tyson's 44lb kettle bell. Part of his equipment for the crossfit gym he's setting up in the garage. AKA "Crossfit the Dirty South"

My sweet classy daughter's first words after seeing her iPad where "I think I'm gonna crap my pants!"

Tristin's big gift was a laptop for college! She was so excited she actually dance around!
The kids got me Just Dance 4 for the wii, three books and a mani/pedi gift card!!! The day after Christmas Dean came over to help Tyson put my favorite Christmas gift together!!!
And yes this picture was totally posed but they didn't want their faces in the pictures!!!!


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