Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday!

Ok kiddies, I'm trying something new. I've never participated in a link up before so I hope I do it right! I have found this wonderful support group on facebook and it has led me to some really great blogs that I LOVE reading. When I'm thinking, reading and talking about fitness, weighloss and nutrition it helps SO much! I am excited about being held accountable each Wednesday.

I weighed in this morning and let me tell ya it wasn't pretty! 224 lbs. What? 224 lbs. Yes, there I said it. This is my highest non pregnant weight EVER!!!! It's actually 29 lbs higher than when I gave birth to Kiley. I've been close to this weight before 3 times and lost it the following ways: weight watchers, diet pills and cigarettes (hey we're being honest here right?), and last but not least lap band. After the craptastic band came out I have watched it creep up for the past three years! And in the past 6 months just straight the heck up no creeping involved!!!! I'm done. I know I've said it before. In this blog actually but I am not giving up!

I mentioned in my New Years post my weight loss goals for January so check those out if you're curious about the plan. Oh and speaking of plan that seems to be one of my keys to success so tonight I made two fabulous salads for lunch for the rest of this week. Go me! Tomorrow is payday so I will be meal planning for the next two weeks before I go grocery shopping!  I had Tyson take a before picture of me Monday. Can I tell you how tired they are of taking before pictures? I'm not prepared to post it at this point because it is HEINOUS!!!! Here's one more clothed though:
Such a shame that I have a picture with this precious new nephew and all I can think when looking at it is how FAT I am!
This is me Thanksgiving 2009 somewhere between 155-160. That is my goal!

Go check out Erin and Alex who are sponsoring this Weigh-In Wednesday extravaganza!!!!




  1. Hi. I'm doing the Weigh in Wednesday link up too. I really enjoyed your blog. I have several before pictures too that I'm not prepared to show yet. I'm planning to have awesome after pictures and then maybe I'll be confident enough to share them. Good Luck. I can't wait to follow each other through all of this!

  2. Hi! I enjoyed reading your blog! I found it through the link up! Settings up the three small goals each month is genius! I think I'll give it a try! Good luck girl, you can do it!!

  3. Girl we are almost exactly the same weight... nice to have someone go through this at the same starting weight! Thanks so much for linking up... I'm following your blog now and look forward to reading more!