Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday

So yesterday I was getting ready for work and I felt SOOOOO happy. I had a serious spring in my step. I was trying to figure out what the heck I was so happy about. Did something happen the day before I couldn't remember? Was there something great on the agenda for the day? Then it hit me!!!! I didn't feel sick, I actually had energy! Farewell flu, you dirty whore!!!!

Eating went good this week. I stayed under my calories every day. I weighed in this morning and.......
Minus .8 pounds baby! Normally that would totally bum me out but I am choosing to be happy with it! I am going in the right direction and I'm not gonna stop until I get to my goal. (who is this positive person????)  So I'm down a total of 3.4 since the first of the year!
I have discovered the yummiest breakfast EVER!!!! It's the low fat eggo waffles with cinnamon laughing cow cream cheese spread and a banana cut up between the two waffles. It's 238 calories.

I had to hold the plate up high so you couldn't see all the clothes on my bedroom floor oh and check out the banana on my thumb. Classy!
Last night for dinner I made this quick and easy number. It is chicken breast strips, red and green pepper, mushroom, and onions. I cooked some whole wheat elbow macaroni and poured marinara over it. 337 Calories for the this fabu dinner!


So this week I'm going to continue counting my calories with the lose it app. Now that I'm feeling back to normal I am going to get back on the treadmill and tackle the stairs again. The other thing I am going to work on is drinking my 100 oz of water. I am currently drinking about half of that right now.
Somebody posted this smoking hot chick's picture in MLFC and I had to copy it. I think she looks awesome and this is a great motivation picture for me. I would LOVE to have her figure!!!

Speaking of being creepy and copying pictures of people I don't know off facebook I took a screen shot of a conversation from fit club because I am in love with Toni's bangs. (I don't know Toni but if you do tell her not to sue me for being a stalker!!!!) Anyway, I'm going to have my fabulous sister in law/hair stylist hook me up with some bangs!

Aren't they sooo cute!!???
Alright, that's all I've got for now!!! Check out my fellow Wednesday weigh-inners!!!! 



  1. Both your breakfast and your dinner sound really yummy! I might have to copy-cat that waffle/banana combo sometime! Thanks for sharing, and good for you for being encouraged over any amount of weight loss! It's always better than *any* amount of gain!

  2. That breakfast looks yummy and that girl's body is AMAZING! Congrats on the loss too :)