Monday, March 18, 2013

Advocare Cleanse Day One

I'm not gonna lie folks, as I sit here writing this I kinda feel like crap! I have a headache from no diet coke (did I mention I drank a whole 2-Liter yesterday?) and my body feels pretty yuck from withdrawals from sugar and other processed crud! I hope, hope, hope I will remember how this feels the next time I decide to start eating like a crazy woman!

The only thing I craved today was diet coke. Other than that I was ok. I even watched my family eat red velvet cake at Kiley's bday party and didn't feel tempted to eat any! I also drank 117 oz of water!!! So what did I eat? Here goes:

For breakfast I had oatmeal with a handful of blueberries and a tiny bit of agave nectar.

My oatmeal of choice.
I took a kickboxing class at 9:30. It was hard! I had a snack after that and another snack around 4:00pm.
All natural peanut butter! Like seriously the only ingredient is peanuts!! (Look at my silly turtle posing)

Love me some cuties!!!
Ok so here was the one total fail of the day! My lunch was disgusting!!! I mean seriously gross! I won't even type the recipe because I will not be responsible for making anybody try this stuff. I discovered I hate the spice thyme. That may have been part of the problem. Check this mess out!
It was a chicken avocado salad. How nasty does this look???
Kiley requested cheeseburgers for her bday dinner at Mom's so I brought my own and let me tell you it was soooo fabulous!!!! Yummy baby! Here's the recipe:
Clean Eating Taco Shrimp
1 pound large, pre-cooked shrimp - thawed if frozen
2 tablespoons taco seasoning
1 tablespoon olive oil
juice of 1 lime
1. In a skillet, cook the shrimp in the olive oil and sprinkle on the seasoning in the last few minutes of cooking.
2. Mix well and serve.
3. Sprinkle the lime juice over the shrimp just prior to serving.
Clean Eating Taco Seasoning
2T ground cumin
1t paprika
1/2t cayenne pepper
1/2t onion powder
1/2t garlic powder
1/4t black pepper
1/4t chili powder
1. Blend all spices in a bowl :0)
I served the shrimp mixture on a 100 calorie whole grain tortilla. I know you are supposed to eat your carbs earlier in the day but I didn't so oh well! ;0) I garnished with lettuce and a little bit of salsa. So so so good!
I had two of these beauties!
This yummy recipe is from She has so many amazing recipes!
I really hope that there aren't too many more days of headache and withdrawals. Can't wait to see what the rest of the week brings!




  1. It gets better!!! The first 3 days were ROUGH, but after that you feel SO amazing that it makes it easier, the key is preparation and you will do great! :)

    -Melissa @

  2. I as well found my dislike for tyme in a spaghetti squash recipe! I did however make a chicken salad that I liked...maybe you could try this.

    1 smashed avocado
    1T chopped cilantro
    1T lime juice
    1/2 cup greek yogurt
    shredding chicken
    pineapple tidbits
    slivered almonds

    I was seriously flying by the seat of my pants on this one, so the amounts may be a bit off but they are close. I know greek yogurt should be a no go this week, but I just made enough of the sauce to coat the chicken and the pineapple helped juice it up a little.

    I put this into lettuce leaves for wraps on Sunday and put it over greens with some tomatoes yesterday. Very yummy!

    Good luck with everything. I also started my first cleanse yesterday.