Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The night I almost stood up Adam Levine!

Last Thursday I was in my office changing clothes for my work out class and the phone rang. The conversation that followed went like this:

Tyson: Mom that Maroon 5 concert is tonight!
Me: No it's not Tyson, it's next Thursday.
Tyson: Mom, it's not it's tonight!
Me: Son it's on my calendar for next week. I've got to go to my workout class.
Tyson: MOM , I talked to Megan at school and she said see you at the concert TONIGHT!!!!!

I decide to stop changing and look online and OMG it was that night! I instantly go in to absolute freak out mode. I started trying to call Tristin to see if she could meet us half way because I definitely didn't have time to go all the way and get her and still make it to the concert. I even considered not going because it was all a mess and not going the way it was supposed to.

On the way home I decided we were going to the concert, we were going to have a good time and Tristin and I would just have to go do something special very very soon! I had a cleanse approved dinner in the crock pot (I'll post the recipe tomorrow!) so dinner was taken care of! We ate got dressed and off we went!

Ready for some fun!
I have never taken the kids to a concert before and we had the best best best time! We saw Owl City, Neon Trees, and Maroon 5. They were all great. It was so fun to sit between my babies and sing our hearts out!
Owl City singing Fireflies
Neon Trees singing Everybody Talks
Maroon 5 singing Won't Go Home Without You
Pardon the crappy quality of the videos but I had to post some because it was just that great of a concert! Other than Tristin not being there it was a perfect night!
CLEANSE UPDATE: I didn't give up on the cleanse I just am a lousy updater. Today was day nine and I feel great! I felt really yucky for about six days. I really think that I was detoxing from all the sugar and caffeine and other processed crap I had in my body. I haven't had a headache since Sunday morning and I am so thankful for that! Here's the craziest part I honestly feel like all of my cravings are gone. It's sounds weird to say but I don't feel hungry at all. I love this feeling!!! I had some challenges with feeling yucky and a couple of nights that I wasn't at home for dinner and I had to get really creative but it was worth figuring it out. I'm excited to weigh and measure Thursday morning and see if I have lost any weight or inches. I will be posting my results that evening and then it's on to the next phase of the challenge!
Check back tomorrow I will be posting all my favorite recipes so far!


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