Monday, March 18, 2013


Two posts in one night!!!! What the heck??? I couldn't let my baby girl's birthday pass without blogging about it! I can not believe I have three teenagers! Time is just going by so fast. I wish I could figure out how to s l o w  i t  d o w n ! There is no way to even begin to tell you how much I love being Kiley's mom. People tell us all the time how much she looks like me and acts like me and I agree we are very similar in looks and in some of our personality traits but the truth is she is so much better than me. AND I love that. She is smart, funny, beautiful, kind and she loves God so much! She is not afraid to be her own person even if that means going away from the crowd. She has a smile that lights up my whole world. Her personality is so quirky and I really love that. She never matches her socks and she wears her hair in braids every Monday. She loves being in different clubs at school and is a true leader. Kiley reads everything she can get her hands on, loves animals and thinks recycling and taking care of the planet is super important.

We celebrated Kiley's 13th birthday 4 times! That kids is LOVED! Her first party was while we were in Illinois for Spring Break. We celebrated all four of the family's March birthdays!

Her second party was with her friends the day after we got home from Illinois. (why yes, I am in fact super mom) We went to see Oz and it was soooooo good! I loved it. Oh yeah, the kids loved it too!

I swear these children are not on a double date even though it looks like it!
On Sunday, her actual birthday we went to Chili's for lunch after church. Her choice! The sang to her and she loved it and was embarrassed all at the same time!

And finally, we had her birthday dinner at Mom's tonight! I guess since it's been celebrated so many times I definitely can't deny that she is 13. Kiley asked Mom to get her books for her birthday. Usually Mom gets her an Amazon gift card but Kiley really wanted her to pick out the books herself. For some reason it was really important to her. Mom spent so much time getting just the right ones and worrying that Kiley wouldn't like them. Kiley was so happy that she took the time to do that!

Fake candle blow because I wasn't quick enough to get the real one!


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