Monday, June 13, 2011

Day four - avoiding foolishness and Day five - pride

I remember when I was young and would go to youth camp and be so on fire for God and ready to change my whole life and commit everything I did to the Lord. Or as an adult how I have gone to women's retreats and had the same feeling. Then I come home and reality set's in. Life gets in the way. God gets put on the back burner. Tyson was with me this weekend and I had a busy few days of baseball tournament, work and a meeting and many times during the two days I prayed for Tyson and my Mom's from the 21 days group but not the same as the deep concentrated prayer of the days before. I wanted to blog but after a full day I wanted to rest even more. The test is always taking the enthusiasm and changing it into true commitment that will not wain when every day life sets in. I am praying for you all that you will grow deeper in your commitment to God during these 21 days. That even in the midst of our busy lives we take the time to spend with the creator. He is worthy of that, at the very least. How are things going for you? Are you holding strong with the promise you have made for the 21 days of prayer or like me do you waiver when things get "busy"?

I would like to say a word about pride. When I saw this was the topic for the day I was like thank goodness! Those of you who know my son know that kid sure does love himself!!!! I pray every day that he will remember that all of his gifts come from God and that he will give God the glory in everything good he does. Something I had never considered though until I read todays lesson in the leader guide was that my pride in Tyson can be a dangerous thing. Of course we are proud of our sons; we are, after all, mothers!!! But let's be careful to never let our pride in their accomplishments push them to be who we want them to be instead of who God wants them to be. Brooke says "we have to let go our our dreams for our sons, and deliberately choose to pick up God's dreams for them instead." I am praying for you!
I am a proud Mama ;0)

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