Friday, June 10, 2011

Day three - Integrity

Wanna hear something cool? Tyson and Kiley are staying with their Dad right now for their summer visit. (that's definitely not the cool part) Tyson has a busy weekend filled with summer volunteer orientation and a baseball tournament. His Dad was not able to take him to these things so he brought him last night to stay until Sunday so I could get him to all his activities. As soon as I saw him a feeling came over me like nothing I can really explain. It was like this swelling inside me knowing I have so been covering him in prayer for the past few days. Don't take this the wrong way becuase I love this kid like you would not believe but I even felt like I loved him deeper and stronger than I ever have before. And as dorky as this sounds I felt like God and I were such a team taking care of this sweet boy.I know this is not dorky it is so true but maybe for the first time it felt so much more real! I am so glad I don't have to raise this boy alone!!!

Which leads me to today's topic integritry. Oh I can't tell you how many times I have cried out to God asking Him to make Tyson a man of integrity. As a single mother this to me feels like my biggest challenge. To my deepest sorrow Tyson does not have very many men of integrity in his life. We have had many talks about the men in his life and how they all have different great qualities that he can strive to immulate as he grows up. But as far as being the mighty man of God full of integrity that I truly believe Tyson has been called to be it's just him and God with me tagging along for prayer support. Thankfully,God knows this and His desires for Tyson are even stronger than mine. What things work for you when it comes to teaching your son about integrity?

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