Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day two - Submission to Authority

When Tyson was 4 and in mother's day out I got a call from the director. He was in her office and the story went something like this: Tyson's teacher had asked him to clean up the table where he was sitting. His response "I didn't make the mess" Obviously this did not sit well with the teacher. She tried to help
Tyson clean up the spot in front of him and he began to lead her on a chase around the table screaming like a maniac. Thus began the conversation I have had countless times with Tyson about submitting to authority whether you always agree with them or not. He could probably say with me at this point "do you think I always want to do what my boss tells me to do? Of course not but I have to because she is my BOSS" I can't begin to tell you how many times over the past 13 years I have fretted and worried about how to teach Tyson to submit to authority. I have had hour long conversations with friends and family about what kind of man Tyson could grow up to be if he doesn't learn this lesson. It has just hit me that the one person I haven't talked to about this issue is the one person whose authority I am ultimately trying to teach Tyson to submit to. I am beginning my day of prayer by asking forgiveness for bringing this to everyone instead of God. I am praying for you all today as you pray for your son's.

Tyson the day he got sent home from school for wearing the "wrong" kind of jeans.
Sometimes submitting to authority isn't that much fun!
Has anyone else noticed the more you are praying for your son, the more you seem to be praying about other things as well?

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  1. One thing kind of trickles into another, doesn't it? You start praying for one thing, and God burdens your heart with something else, and quite often, that "something" has to do with my heart. Looking forward to seeing God do a great work in my relationship with my boys.