Friday, June 24, 2011

Day sixteen - Gentleness Day 17 - Self-control


Oh my sweet Tyson boy is just about as gentle as a bull in a china shop! I am thankful for his exuberant spirit and larger than life personality. I am fully aware of how very normal his testosterone laden behavior is, however I will be praying long beyond this challenge that Tyson become a gentle man and understand that it is a strength and not a weakness.


Why oh why is it so hard to have self control? I think we all battle self control in some area of our life. For me the biggest challenge is my weight. I just can't seem to get that battle under control. I can assure you I have put it under a microscope and it is not substituting for anything it is for the most part a self-control issue. I have been a terrible example for the kids when it comes to food. I don't know how many times they have heard "I'm going to start a diet on Monday so I'm going to eat (fill in the blank) tonight." I can't count how many Mondays I have started diets! Another area is in having healthy Christian relationships with the opposite sex. Let me just say it is hard to be a single 34 year old Christian woman. It was one thing to be a teenager around boys who wanted to have sex and say no-it's another thing entirely to be a woman around Men who want to have sex and you do too-AND YOU STILL HAVE TO SAY NO!!! When Tyson talks to me about his adolescent hormones I want to say your preaching to the choir buddy and I know what I'm missing!!!!! (nobody call CPS I don't actually say it)

I am thankful that we have a God who loves us so much that we can go to Him and ask for self-control. If you are tempted to have sex, eat the cake, fill in your area of struggle here, our God is not surprised!!! He knows your heart and is just waiting for us to turn it over to Him. Brooke talks about sin being a matter of what you love more than God. Yes we all love God but how much? More than we love a night of fun with the cute guy from work? More than we love a stuffed tummy with food we weren't even really hungry for? More than we love the new outfit we bought with our tithe money? I don't want to love anything more than I love God. Who but Him sent His son to die on the cross for me even knowing that I was going to choose these things over Him? What's a girl and the crazy brood she's responsible for to do? We are weak but oh thank you Lord that you are strong. Thank you for your grace and mercy. Lord you are worthy of my very best. I can't even dream up what you have in store for me or my kids but I promise I will not stop trying until I am living a life pleasing to you!

Maybe you struggle in different areas that I do but friend a struggle is a struggle and I am praying for you as you deal with yours!

Tyson is 14! He thinks he looks so super cool in this b-day picture and I would never tell him any different but I can't wait to show it to him when he is about 35!

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