Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Getting Ready

 I have been getting organized tonight, making lists, sending emails-lot's of busy work. As I was doing this I started thinking I really hope I don't fail at completing this 21 day challenge. I've said often I'm a great starter but not that great of a finisher. All my doubts and negative self talk started creaping up and then God said to me this is not about you Sarah it's about Me. Thanks you Lord!!!! I can't finish this challenge by myself and I certainly can't raise Tyson by myself. God wants me to succeed and for that I am so grateful. In Brooke's blog today she talked about God being for us. I know this is turning into a long blog but I believe this is worth sharing because it meant so much to me reading it. She says:

When your son takes his first steps and you realize for the first time that your baby is growing up…God is for you.

When you give it your all and his heart doesn’t change…God is for you.

When you wake up and he’s five and you realize there are already so many moments you’ve missed and will never get back…God is for you.

When you realize the home life you desperately wanted to provide for him isn’t going to happen…God is for you.

When you realize how your own sinful choices have affected him…God is for you.

When you’re defeated and ready to quit…God is for you.

When you see the desires of his heart and realize that they’re not always good…God is for you.

When your son gets hurt or that thing you always wanted to protect him from happens…God is for you.

When his heart doesn’t belong to just you anymore…God is for you.

When he makes choices that hurt you, no, devastate you…God is for you.

When the threads of your carpet are worn bare from the praying, begging, hoping in God to complete the work He started…God is for you.

And His heart for you is good.
God wants you to succeed! I want to encourage you and help you succeed!!!! Help me to do that by commenting to this post so I and other members of the group can pray for you. Tell us your name and who you are praying for during these next 21 days.

Along with praying for all of you during the next 21 days I will be praying for Tyson my very soon to be 14 year old son. I am a single mom and being this amazing kid's mother is one of my most rewarding and challenging jobs. One that I know I can't possibly do without God's help!

Your turn!


  1. My name is Christina, and I am so excited to have found this challenge and to be a part of it. I'll be praying for my 7-year-old son, Grant.

  2. My name is Heather, and I am praying for my 13-year old son, Conner.

  3. My name is Claudia, I am praying for my 15 year old son, Austin and my almost 14 year old son, Justin.

  4. Hello my name is Jenny,and I am praying for my 14 year old son, Dylan.

  5. Hi there! I'd love to join your group!

    I will be praying for Nathanial (11), Noah (almost 10) and Samuel (soon to be 5).

  6. Hi everyone!

    I will be praying for my son, Austin (15), and my stepson, Adam (13).

  7. Hi everyone,

    I will be praying for my two grown sons, Nick and Ryan.