Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I feel like I just ran a marathon!!!!!

In a good way, not in the out of breath, my feet are killing me, I feel like I'm going to die way. Tonight I did something that I have never in my 34 (ok 35 but who's counting) years of life been able to do before!!!! I ran a mile straight.

A big part of me wants to say I know a mile is not a big deal to some people blah blah blah.... I'm not going to though because I am stinkin excited!!!! Every marathon runner ran their first mile sometime and tonight was mine!!!!

I'm reading a really good book called "Run Like a Mother. How to get moving and not lose your family, job or sanity" Great book! I'm working on thinking like a runner (thank you Beth) so I figured I would read what runners read. Anyway one of the authors was describing how she felt when she met her goal of running a marathon in under four hours and I said that's it. I'm going to put aside couch to 5k for tonight and go run a mile straight. AND I DID! I feel like I'm in the same club with the under four hour marathon lady!!!

My self talk went a little something like this. "I can do this because I am a runner" "I'm going to do this because I AM a runner" and my personal favorite, "Runners run a mile straight all the time so since I AM a runner I'm going to run a mile straight!"

So originally this was not what I was going to post about tonight. I was going to post about not FEELING like I'm losing any weight. I mean obviously last week I didn't. Since I don't weigh myself at home anymore I have no idea how I'm doing until I get on the scale on Friday's. I counted my calories today and came in at 1314. Not terrible but I really want to stay around 1200,. I'm ready to not only lose some weight but to FEEL like I'm losing weight. You know at the very least it would be nice to feel some baggy pants or something!

I decided to think worst case scenario. Or at least what feels like it to me. I step on the scale on Friday and I haven't lost ANY weight. What do I do? After much thought (I wonder if anybody else thinks about losing weight as much as I do?) I decided I will just keep at it. Beth (she's could probably sue me for copyright infringement at this point cuz I quote her so much!) said that weight loss follows behavior. Not always as fast as we want it to but it does. So if I just keep exercising and counting my calories eventually the weight loss will follow. This is what I am choosing to believe.

So tomorrow I will shoot for 1200 calories. The other thing I really want to do is wake up at 5:30 and get my run done in the mornings. I'm not even trying for that tomorrow because it's already 11:00 and I'm WIDE awake from the run. I'll go to sleep earlier and then attempt (for the 8 millionth time) to get up at 5:30 on Friday!

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