Sunday, April 22, 2012

Treadmill vs Sarah: Sarah 2, Treadmill 0

After the last post I definitely needed something positive to write about.

The book I am reading "Run Like a Mother" is encouraging me so much to keep up with my physical activity. Yesterday I walked five miles in the March of Dimes Walk. My work is a sponsor so I walked with my coworkers, volunteers and my awesome bff Jenny.

It felt great to get up and walk first thing Saturday morning.

Today I got on the treadmill for my daily run. I decided I was definitely going to beat my distance from the other day. I walked the first five minutes ran the middle twenty and walked the last five. Uh yeah I did just say I ran twenty minutes straight!!!!

Heck yes that's 1.733 miles!!! Next stop two miles!!!!!

Kristen asked me if I was working up a sweat during my workouts. I took this picture for proof. Hot right?

So what's up for this week. (other than the scale hopefully moving in the right direction) I'm going to keep the food journal for Kristen to go over with me. I'm going to up my exercise. My goal is 30 minute run in the morning and something else in the evening. I am setting my alarm for 5:30 am. What makes me think I'll actually get up this time you ask? Crazy Kristen is calling me from the gym to make sure I'm up!!!!!

I'm closing with this awesome quote I found on pinterest.

(told ya it was awesome!)

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