Saturday, April 14, 2012

Losing weight and getting healthy is HARD!

Actually so is life! At least today anyway!

Yesterday was weigh in day and guess what? I was up FOUR pounds. I didn't beat myself up but I'm not gonna lie I was sad, very sad. Go back to my office and cry sad. I wish this was quick and easy. It's not. Does this mean I'm going to quit, no. Are there things I can do better? Definitely. This week I will count my calories. I know I snacked too much last week. Also, thank the Lord, I won't be on my period anymore. That should help with the water retention. (this is sexy stuff, I know) I have to plan, I'm am just not the kind of person who can succeed with out a written out eating plan for the week. If left to what i FEEL like eating it's not gonna be pretty. Like this mornings dessert pizza for breakfast!

Sometimes I feel sorry for myself because I don't get to work on just myself and losing weight and getting healthy. Today is absolutely CRAZY. I have a baby shower, double header baseball games, a filthy house that needs to be cleaned, oil change, pick up new license plates, meal plan, grocery shop, pay bills, balance check book, and work on some work I brought home with me! Add to that eat healthy and excercise. Then I remember these beauties:

I love my life. Sure it's hard. Being a single Mom is not easy. But really what worth having is ever easy? So I'm going to put on my baseball Mom t-shirt and head out to the field. Make my grocery list and hopefully even pay some bills while sitting in the stands with my girl and cheering for my boy.

I put on my facebook status this morning "life doesn't get easier, we just get better".  I'm working on it one decision at a time.

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