Sunday, April 29, 2012

More to me than just weight loss :0)

I have posted about different things over the time I have been a blogger. Dating, parenting, dieting to name a few. I thought maybe once a week or so I would talk about some things NOT food and exercise related. Just to get a better picture of who I am.

I was raised by my Mom and Step-Dad and have two brothers that I am VERY close too. They are four and six years younger than me.

This picture was taken at my brother Ryan's (in the middle between my Mom and I) wedding last October. Ryan is an elementary PE teacher and his wife Megan owns a hair salon. I love my brother's so much however I had a very different childhood then they did. My step-dad (their father) and I did not get along at all so that made things very difficult growing up. My biological Dad recently moved here to Texas and I am working to develop a relationship with him. It is slow going but I believe it is important to continue to work on.

This past weekend Ryan, Megan, and I threw a couples wedding shower at our parents house for Nick (brother on far left in above picture) He is marrying Melody who we all love so much. They have been dating for over three years and they live together with Melody's four year old daughter, Rylea, who we are all smitten with. It was a huge success and I was so happy to be able to do this for them. This is an exciting year for Nick. He is graduating from college, getting married and expecting a baby in December. Check out some of the cool pics from the shower.

I found this invitation on Etsy in the simplesimondesign shop. Love love loved it! The mustache and lips theme grew from there.

I wanted several dessert options so we had cupcakes (red velvet, chocolate, and vanilla) cake balls (chocolate with with chocolate icing and vanilla with milk chocolate icing), and chocolate cake (it was called black out) So yummy!!!

The kids, Mom and I made these chocolate favors with molding trays purchased on amazon. The tags were from It was a free template. (I love free)

Dessert counter

We put chips and veggies on this food table.

Gift table and favors.

We played games in the living room.

We had burger and hot dogs. All of the hot food was in the kitchen.

My sister in law, Megan, did an absolutely amazing job with the decorations!
The happy couple!!

The kids and I!

The kids, Mom, and I made these cut out mustaches and lips. We had all the couples pose for a picture as soon as they came in. We also played a game that went something like this: I read a statement and the guests had to hold up a mustache or lips depending on if they thought it was Nick or Melody I was referring to. For example: Their Mom had to hide their favorite outfit at age 6 to keep them from wearing it every day. (Nick!!!)

It was a successful shower and so much fun to be able to do for them. I love love love my family and although things are far from perfect and rarely easy they are still my family and I am so thankful to God for each of them!

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