Sunday, April 29, 2012

Still trucking along......

I did not weigh in with Beth this Friday because I only worked a half day. I did, however, go to the doctor and they weighed me there. I am back to 203 which means I have lost the weight I gained for no apparent reason over the two previous weeks. I had blood work and a urine analysis done and will recieve the results this week. I'm not sure if they will show anything but I am looking for answers to the fatigue, unexplained swelling, and extreme difficulty losing weight!!! I am also scheduled for a hormone panel on May 9th at the gynocologist.

I am starting a 5 week weight loss challenge with some people on face book. You pay 25 dollars to join and keep track of your weight and there is also a point system to determine the winner. Maybe it will help motivate me. I could definitely use the money!!!

I have not done a very good job with planning for this next week which does not help set me up for success!! Between the wedding shower and allergies it's been a crazy weekend. I have tomorrow planned and then tomorrow night I will wash veggies and plan out the rest of the week! I am looking forward to using the fruits and veggies I got in my bountiful basket that I picked up on Saturday morning.

I will post some meals this week and also log my work out! I have got to get up to an hour a day! Hopefully this will be the week I see the 100's again!!!!!!


  1. So jealous that you can do bountiful baskets!! Our location closed so we go through Urban Acres - not as good a selection of fruits though.

  2. I really enjoyed it! I had to give away three bags of potatoes because there was no way we could eat all of those! Thanks for reading!