Thursday, April 12, 2012

Weigh day!!!

Tomorrow I weigh in! I get soooo freaked out before weigh in! I used to weigh in EVERY day. I then let that determine what kind of day I was going to have. Good mood bad mood completely decided on by what the scale read. I made the decision to only weigh once a week and asked Tyson to hide the scale so I wouldn't be tempted. It was crazy hard at first. I couldn't stand not knowing how much I weighed. It has taken a while to get used to but I was determined not to let a number dictate how I felt everyday!

I did a lot of things good this week. I can think of a lot of things I want to do better next week. Looking back I think I definitely snacked too much in the evenings. Even though they were healthy snacks they still have calories. I am going to fix this next week by logging my calories. I KNOW I sound like a broken record but seriously I'm really gonna this time! It goes without saying I could have done without the six cookies yesterday!!!!

I've done what I can do. With that said, I'm headed to bed. Well couch, its one of those nights ;0)

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