Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sarah vs Scale: Scale 2, Sarah 0

Weigh day was bad. Really bad! I was up three pounds which means I am up a total of seven pounds in two weeks. To say I was frustrated Friday is a huge understatement. I was more like furious. Beth thinks it's time to call and make a doctors appointment. Something is not right here so I'm going to call the doctor Monday and schedule a check up to see if there is something physically wrong the is causing me to gain weight.

The only other possible explanation is that I am completely fooling myself in regards to how much I am eating and exercising. I could see this being a viable explanation if I was staying at the same weight but gaining this much seems so super crazy and unexplainable. I talked to my friend Kristen, who is a dietitian, and I am going to write down everything I eat in a notebook and she is going to go over it with me to look for hidden sources of calories. I'm also going to log how much I work out. Thirty minutes a day just isn't cutting it I am going to shoot for one hour.

On the bright side I am super blessed to have such an amazing support system. They are really keeping me from giving up. Also, I just keep telling myself that if the goal is to lose weight, and it is, eating like crap and not exercising isn't going to get me where I want to be. Of course, the frustrating part is that at this moment neither is what I am doing now. I won't give up. I can't.

My sad sad marbles all back in the weight to lose vase!

I haven't lose hope! I know I will figure this out. 

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